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ThomaPLaST ® III Semi-Finished Products Profiles adhesives and Lubricants Greases, adhesives, Pastes, Cleaners, Etching agents and Sprays Fastening Elements Nuts, Finishing Washers, Screws, Grub Slotted Screws and Spacer Elements

Adhesives and Lubricants

Adhesives and Lubricants - Two-component • Processing: Adhesive and cross-linker (catalyst/activator) have to be mixed homogeneously and without inclusion of air. The active adhesive can be stored at 0 °C for approx. 15 days in an absolutely closed container. Apply the activated adhesive on every surface. Let it dry until no adhesive remains after having touched it. Drying time is approx. 10-15 min. Bonding is achieved by pressing both bonding surfaces together. Pressure time approx. 15 min. Preparing of the bonding surfaces with primer (priming) is indicated. Complete bonding after a drying time of approx. 48 hrs. Shelf life in original package (non-activated) 6 months. ​ Avoid skin contact and breathing-in of the cross-linker (activator). Adhesives • Cure time: at +25 °C: 18 hours, at +40 °C: 3 hours, at +70 °C: 50 minutes, at +100 °C: 10 minutes • Lap shear strength: 18 N/mm 2 (DIN 53283) • Dielectric strength: >22 kV/mm 2 (of the cured adhesive) • Thermal conductivity: 0.28 W/K x m at +28 °C (of the cured adhesive) • Water vapor permeability: 16 g/m 2 (at +38 °C, 90 % rh) in 24 h of a cured 1 mm layer • ​ Shelf life resin and hardener: 2 years at

Adhesives and Lubricants • Temperature range: -50 to +300 °C • Decomposition temperature: when exceeding +300 °C elimination of hydrogen fluoride possible when exceeding +400 °C additionally tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropylene, perfluoroisobutylene, and carbonyl fluoride are released • Solubility in water: ≈10 g/l at +20 °C • MAK value: 100,000 ml/m 3 or 400,000 mg/m 3 ​ Item Volume Unit Price ​ g piece EURO 301266 400 1 254.00 301267 400 3 624.00 301268 400 5 790.00 THOMASANN ® -High-Chem PTFE Sealing Paste Product specification • Odourless and nontoxic paste for all kinds of sealings, non-hardening, eliminates leaks on threads even if high pressure resistance is needed, threaded connections can easily be closed and opened, the threads are prevented from being damaged. • No dropping or flowing during use • Resealable can including brush • Suitable for many bases and acids, any kinds of solvents or gases including hydrogen, ammoniac, chlorine, propane, butane, nitrogen, as well as for air, steam, refrigerants, salt water, and fuels (do not use on liquid or gaseous oxygen and lactic acid). Technical specification • Material: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) • Colour: yellow-opak • ​ Temperature range: -240 to +260 °C THOMASANN ® -Filling Compound for Ceramics and Metals Pastes Application area • As adhesive for ceramic and metal elements in high temperature range. • As glaze for protection from corrosion and chemical impacts. • As casting compound for mould making (formed parts) and for insulation applications. • As dip coating for fixing of heating wires. • As casting compound (cement compound) e.g. for insertion of knife blades (into metal or ceramic handles). • IC fault analysis in preparation technology. • As sealing material for gas-tight applications (sealings). • Adhesive bonding of metals and ceramics. • As refractory lining in industrial furnace construction. • Fixation and embedding of heating wires, resistance wires, and thermo wires. • Coating of metal surfaces for protection from oxidation processes. General product specification • One-component adhesives curing at room temperature by evaporation of the binder (water). • Bonding best takes place at room temperature, thus ensuring a natural drying. The drying time depends on the porosity of the materials to be bonded. In such cases, a drying time of 24 hours is sufficient. • The parts to be bonded should be exposed to a slight and constant pressure. A heat treatment during the bonding process improves the mechanical, thermal and electrical properties considerably. • For optimization of the bonding process it is advantageous to brush the glue joints with concentrated sulfuric acid, thus increasing the resistance to moisture. • The adhesives are resistant to solvents, and after heat treatment up to +900 °C also to most acids, including conc. hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, except to hydrofluoric acid. • The adhesive is absolutely fire-proof and not skin-irritating when cured. But the one-component material is strong alkaline (approx. pH 12) before application so that skin contact should be avoided. • In surroundings with high moisture please note: Depending on the degree of cure, the respective one-component adhesive forms a microporous structure which can make up approx. 2 to 5 % of the total volume. The degree of porosity depends on the cure cycle type, and whether one or more layers are applied. The size and the number of pores are determined by the evaporation temperature of the binder (water). If the water is expelled by an accelerated heat treatment, more and larger pores are formed. The natural evaporation is approx. 36 hours, the number of pores is accordingly very low. • All High-Therm adhesives are cured faster by heat treatment. Due to ​ heat treatment, all properties improve considerably. THOMASANN ® -High-Tech Filling Compound for Smooth Surfaces ​ Item Volume Unit Price ​ g piece EURO 301889 500 1 55.00 THOMAPLAST ® III - 2015 25

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